St Laurence’s Parish School Forbes - Art Frock

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Each colour identifies a size:
Red - Extra small: 52cm
Green - Small: 62cm
Orange - Medium: 72cm
Yellow - Large: 80cm

Get frilly with it!

Designed and created exclusively by Harlequin, the Art Frock neatly packs into its own pocket. They are made of a lightweight, water repellent fabric and keep kids cool. The elasticated neck and cuff make it super easy to slip on and off and it folds up easily to fit into your little one's Primary Harlequin Ergo Tuff-Pack.

NB: All sizes contain a Harlequin logo at the front and a name patch on reverse, the style/shape of these vary from one item to another.

  • PVC free fabric
  • Polka dot pocket flap and frill at bottom
  • Completely protects the arms and torso
  • Easy to see printed name patch on reverse
  • Concealed pocket with protective flap
  • Folds away in its own bag for easy storage
  • Easy sponge clean

Each colour identifies a size:

Weight: 0.2kg
Red - Extra small: 52cm
Green - Small: 62cm
Orange - Medium: 72cm

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School Backpacks are an important part of school uniform and equipment and should be regarded and respected as so. Depending on how roughly school bags are used and treated day-to-day, will determine their longevity. Backpacks are not to be worn on only one shoulder and MUST be worn on both shoulders for health benefits and wear and tear. If you look after, care for and respect your Harlequin school bag, it will look after you and last many years.

NB: Machine washing or exposure to UV and direct sunlight will compromise the protective coatings used on outer fabrics and will cause fading to screen prints and/or dyed fabrics.
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