Care Rules

Care for your Harlequin products with these handy, simple tips!

Apart from your every-day school books, our school bags have been known to carry all sorts of weird and wonderful things on their daily school adventures! Caring for your Harlequin bags correctly is the key to keeping your bags looking as pristine as possible for their school adventures ahead.

School Backpacks are an essential part of school uniforms and equipment and should be cared for and respected. Depending on how roughly school bags are used and treated daily will determine their longevity. If you look after and respect your Harlequin school bag, it will support and last you many years.

Please follow the responsible care instructions printed on the product label inside each bag and follow our handy tips here….

Storage & Cleaning:

  • STORAGE of BAGS: All bags must be stored inside in a non-humid, cool and well-ventilated, dry environment out of sunlight. This will protect your bags from UV fading and mould.
  • SPOT CLEANING: This is the best way to clean your bags as they are made from nylon with protective water and stain resistance coatings. Machine washing will wash away these elements and unprotect your bag! Use a soapy cloth with disinfectant to dab clean stubborn stains on the outside, and then dry your bag complexly to avoid it staying damp and getting mouldy. If spills have occurred on the inside you can completely wet and clean the inside of your bag with soapy disinfected water and rinse by HOSING. Do NOT SCRUB over any printed logos or designs as this will scuff and damage the designs.
  • DRYING - IMPORTANT: If your little one has got drenched on the way to/from school, then it's essential to dry their backpacks thoroughly overnight, ready for the next day. Similarly, if your kid's lunch bag gets wet and dirty on the playground during recess, if the bag is kept in a damp/humid area, then mould will grow. You must thoroughly ensure your whole bag is completely dry – even in the tiny corners where the moisture can get trapped. If not dried thoroughly, this will encourage mould to grow. Dry out of sunlight to avoid UV fading.
  • MACHINE WASHING: whilst machine washing works a treat when you pack your bag inside a pillowcase to wash. Please know that any screen printed or heat transferred logos printed on top of the bags may peel off. Also, you will wash off the protective coatings that have been impregnated into the fabrics, which help protect the fabrics from rain and stains.
  • MOULD SPOTTING: Mould grows when bags are kept in humid conditions or damp when food and spill residues are not adequately cleaned. Our mums have successfully used “ Mould Power” to clean off the mould. After use, it is still essential to keep and store your bag in a non-damp, dry place out of sunlight.


  • Backpacks must be worn on both shoulders using both shoulder straps. Only using one shoulder strap will create too much tension on the strap making your bag lopsided and not medically beneficial for your posture well-being.

Split Zips: 

  • A common problem causing zippers to split is threading your key rings/charms through zipper holes to pull zippers closed. This creates too much tension on the zip when pulling and will damage the zip, which voids your warranty. Charms must be hung from the D-Ring on the side of each backpack which has been specifically designed to show off your collection of key-rings to the max! See our video to easily get your zips back on track.
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