Vivid Light-Up Bags

Vivid Light-Up Bags

Switch on to student safety!


Harlequin Vivid Light Up Ergo and Excursion Bags

Staggeringly 2,000 students are injured and tragically 20 lives are lost in road accidents across Australia every year.

Harlequin has a new, innovative solution to keep children SAFE: Our bright, L.E.D, light-up VIVID range, smartly allows students to switch on their VIVID school bags when travelling to and from school, making themselves their own highly-visible ‘safety beacons’ to on-coming traffic.

Harlequin's VIVID backpacks are built to the same exacting standards as our ergonomic backpack's- our Tuff-Pack range. As always, Harlequin has spinal health in mind with our range of school bags independently endorsed by Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists. Our bags incorporate our super comfy Anatomical Back System™, making them the safest and most comfortable backpacks in Australia. Our innovative bag design also allows for the L.E.D. lights to integrate seamlessly into the VIVID backpack. 

Harlequin's Tuff-Packs are the best in the business - guaranteed. 

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Kids learn valuable road safety lessons by interactively switching their bags on and off when travelling to and from school every day.

Harlequins innovative L.E.D design allows kids to be their own safety beacons. All VIVID L.E.D lights have three settings:

1. Light On/Off  2. Fast flashing  3. Slow flashing

The Harlequin Ergo & Posture Tuff-Packs can be retro fitted, by ordering a new VIVID flap for each bag!

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