Join The Colour Revolution


Creativity makes us crazy happy. We truly believe in the transformative power of great design and its ability to elevate the mundane, and turn kids products from drab, to fab! Harlequin Kids wants to engage and inspire kids everywhere through colour, creativity and design. How? Well, thanks for asking. We’ll get to it below.

We all know that kids love when they get something that is just for them. You can see their cute little eyes light up and that adoration kicking in! That look in their eyes is why Harlequin Kids offers FREE PERSONALISATION on a huge range of our products. We have personalised school bags, personalised backpacks and personalised school essentials that are the ultimate school accessories.

Your kids can get creative and let their imaginations run wild when they are designing their personalised school bags and personalised school accessories! We have a smorgasbord of super cute designs for your kids to choose from; Think unicorns, robots, butterflies, race cars, mermaids, dinosaurs and doggo’s! Not only that, but we have so many colours available, that it’s going to be hard to choose not only a product colour but a personalised design colour.

And do you know what, it’s a super easy to do. We’ve made the personalisation process as kid-friendly as possible, so that it can be a fun activity that you do together. Scroll through the designs and colourways, have fun experimenting with all the different bags, backpacks and school accessories. Mix-and-match your pencil cases with your lunch bags, or your swim towels with your sports duffle bags!

This is a great way to get kids excited for school too, as they will jump for joy (or more likely floss) over their personalised items when they arrive!

So how does it work? Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Browse through all our personalised items shop here;
  2. Find a product that you love and then scroll through the rainbow of colourways available until you find the right one for you;
  3. Click on the big ole “Personalise For FREE” button and prepare to be dazzled;
  4. There are three style options to choose from when personalising your products, so choose your own adventure:
    1. Design + Name: Pick a fun design and add a name to it. The design has been created to have a name seamlessly integrated, so go crazy and even add middle-names if you like!
    2. Design Only: These little cuties have been lovingly crafted to make an impact on their own, without a name added;
    3. Name Bar Only: If a super-cute design isn’t your thing and you prefer something sleeker, this is the option for you. Choose your simple name bar design, add a name and voilà, you’re done;
  5. Now that you’ve chosen your style, it’s time to have some creative fun! Just scroll through the mountain of designs available. You can even use our nifty filter to find exactly what you’re looking for more quickly;
  6. Once you’re swooning over a design, hop to it and choose a colourway. Make sure that the design colour suits the item you want to buy and makes you smile;
  7. Enter your name, initials or leave blank (this depends on the style you’re chosen!);
  8. A ‘CONFIRM’ button will wondrously appear from nowhere, so make sure you press it;
  9. Drumroll please…  a sneak peek of what the personalised item will look like will magically appear and you will weep with amazement and joy over your creation; and
  10. Click “Add To Cart” as if your life depends on it!

Horse personalisation design colourways

Vintage Car design colour ways animation

That’s it. Phew, we made it through. It sounds wayyyyy more complicated than it actually is, so we suggest just following the handy prompts that will guide you through the process.

Well… what are you waiting for? Go forth and create! VIVA LA COLOUR REVOLUTION!


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