An Up To Lifetime Warranty for All Your Harlequin Branded Products!


At Harlequin Kids, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality and commitment to you as a customer. So, we know that products with an incredible product warranty can make all the difference to your peace-of-mind, particularly when it comes to your children’s costly products.

We love our products and stand by how durable they are, and that's why we offer up-to an unprecedented Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty on our ridiculously good-looking (and functional) school products and school accessories! Amazing, right?!

With over 25 years of experience in creating, fun, dependable and stylish products for children, we are the most trusted name in the school accessory business, and our product warranties are one of the most important reasons why.

Our products are made with a whole lot of heart and love from high quality, premium materials. They are engineered for maximum performance and dependability and are rigorously tested during the manufacturing process. So when you purchase a Harlequin branded item, know that you are purchasing the very best for your child.

Register Your Warranty Today!


If you purchase a Harlequin branded item, there is no need to keep your invoice handy as you can register your purchase today quickly and easily below. That's peace of mind at no extra cost! 

Once you have registered your product, it’s logged in our database until the end of time. This means that you can come back anytime and talk to us about that product you once bought before hoverboards and time travel were a real life thing!

Get To Know Your Warranty – Some Important Stuff

All Harlequin nylon products are manufactured to the highest industry standards. We offer a manufacturer‘s warranty on all products as stated on each product's swing tag or product description. Unless otherwise stated, we warrant against any faulty workmanship and/or materials, EXCLUDING: Normal wear and tear of product; any misuse, mistreatment and abuse of product; products not used for their intended use, products that have been worn and used incorrectly; backpacks that have had keyrings/charms threaded through and hung from zipper holes, discontinued products sold at sale prices and discounted products sold as imperfect or seconds, products that have been exposed to UV light and bleaching, backpacks that have been machine washed.

Lifetime Warranty label is defined by using a Kindy backpack from k-2, a primary backpack for years 1-6 and a senior backpack from yr 7-12 and excludes bags handed down to siblings and second-hand bags.

NB: School Backpacks are an important part of school uniform and equipment and should be regarded and respected as so. Depending on how roughly school bags are used and treated day-to-day, will determine their longevity. If you look after, care for and respect your Harlequin school bag, it will look after you and last many years.

*Just so you know, we respect your privacy and will never pass on your details to third parties.

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