Cubeo Children's Organiser

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Easy as 1-2-3!

The Cubeo Children's Organiser is a unique visual tool for school children that helps teach them what to remember to bring to school every day and what their activities are for each day/week/month/term of school.

It easily attaches to the D-ring on any of our Tuff-Packs. It's compact, colourful and makes getting ready for school as easy as 1-2-3!

The front window displays items needed every day and the clever drop-down cards ensure that children remember the things they need on specific days of the week. The visual cues help even the youngest children remember and look after their belongings.

With over 90 re-useable stickers that 'cling' rather than 'stick' using eletrostatic between plastics, it features common school bag items, extra curricular activities and allergy advice, the Cubeo is the most intelligent backpack accessory to have!

  • Bright and engaging
  • Educational
  • Customisable and easy to modify
  • Visual cues help even the youngest children
  • Attaches to any Harlequin Tuff-Pack
  • Reusable stickers (eletrostatic rather than glue)
  • Includes a bonus set of stickers with updated illustrations


6cm H x 6cm W x 2.5cm D
13cm strap


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