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Harlequin School Bags prides itself on exceptional quality and commitment to you as a customer, and that's why we offer up to an unprecedented Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty on our fabulous school products! Amazing, right?!

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As part of Harlequin's renowned customer service. If your bag has been through the wars and needs some TLC to get your favourite backpack 'back on your back', then our dedicated Bag Nurses will repair your favourite backpack where possible.

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Warranty - we’ve got your back!

All Harlequin branded products are designed to be tough and manufactured to the highest industry standards and will last many years if used and cared for correctly. As stated on each product's description, Harlequin ‘backs you’ with our manufacturer’s warranty on all our products where we warrant against any faulty workmanship, defects and materials.

A warranty does not negate the responsibility of the owner to look after and care for their bag. Depending on how roughly school bags are used and treated day-to-day, will determine their longevity. School Bags are an important part of school equipment and uniform and should be regarded and respected as so.

If you look after, care for and respect your Harlequin Bag, it will look after you and will last many years.

What is not covered

Our warranty does not cover damages that result from accidental or intentional misuse or abuse of the product. It does not cover the normal wear and tear or damages such as abrasion, scratches, fading or overloading of the bag where zippers are forced shut. It does not cover products that have been worn and used incorrectly; backpacks that have had key-rings/charms threaded through and hung from zipper holes. It does not cover sample products sold at sale prices and discounted products sold as imperfect or seconds; products that have been exposed to bleaching; and backpacks that have been machine washed.

Our school Lifetime Warranty label is defined by using a Kindy sized backpack from years 0-2, a primary sized backpack from years 1-6 and a senior sized backpack from years 7-12; and excludes bags handed down to siblings and second-hand bags.

NB: Machine washing or extended exposure to UV and direct sunlight will compromise the protective coatings used on outer fabrics and will cause fading to screen prints and/or dyed fabrics. - See care instructions on T & C's page.

If any product is deemed to have a manufacturer‘s fault, then it will be fixed or replaced at no extra cost to the customer. 


Together with school books, our bags have been known to carry all sorts of weird and wonderful things known to man, with spills inside that we still can’t identify!

To care for and keep your bag pristine as possible, please follow the care instructions printed on product labels and information  below.

All printed fabric products must be stored inside in a cool and well-ventilated, dry environment out of sunlight.

Do not use key rings/charms threaded through and hung from zipper holes to pull zippers closed. This creates too much torque on the zip and will damage the zip, which in turn voids your warranty.  Charms are to be hung from the D-Ring on the side of each backpack which has been specifically designed to carry key-rings.

At the end of each school Term. You should sponge clean your backpack to keep it smelling and looking it’s best, and free from remnants and spills. 

Do not machine wash backpacks as this will compromise the protective coatings used on outer fabrics.

Suggested Backpack cleaning: Use a soapy sponge to spot clean and dab any stains on the outside. Do not rub over any screen printed logos or printed transfer stickers, as this will wear away prints.  On the inside of your backpack, clean away spills with a soapy sponge and a drop of disinfectant. Ensure you clean and dry your bag thoroughly as any left-over spill residue will attract mould to grow.

NB: School Backpacks are an important part of school uniform and equipment and should be regarded and respected as so. Depending on how roughly school bags are used and treated day-to-day, will determine their longevity. If you look after and respect your Harlequin school bag, it will look after you and last many years.

PS: Just so you know, we respect your privacy and will never pass on your details to third parties.

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