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Hello and welcome to Bag HQ!

As Australia’s favourite school bag company, we are chuffed to supply thousands of schools and millions of children throughout the world with our innovatively designed school bags and accessories.

With over 25 years of research and development, Harlequin's expertise sets the benchmark and puts us at the forefront of the Australian school bag industry.

Our home designed Harlequin range of quality, ergonomically designed bags and accessories, are independently endorsed by Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, and Mums and kids.

That's right! We do not pay companies or individuals to endorse or say lovely things about our products. We believe a genuine, independent viewpoint is fundamental when recommending any product for your child.  

Our Harlequin branded school bags are built tough!  With up to a lifetime warranty, our school bags are specifically designed and manufactured to be lightweight and super comfy. Our Anatomical Back System™ is built into all our backpacks, promoting good posture and protecting growing spines.

We ship our bags all across this great land of ours, and to schools and parents in every corner of the globe. After all, why should Aussie kids be the only ones with correct posture?

Harlequin is a ‘more than for profit’ organisation. This means that we are ready to re-invest in our ideology, that we hold back from business that conflicts with our commitment to ethical practices, and that we make links with and support other organisations and charities that share our ideals and dreams.

We are continually investing in our future and committed to developing new materials, products and partnerships that create an ecologically sustainable future for our children. In 2010, after two years of development and testing, Harlequin changed the face of the school bag market by being the first company in the world to manufacture and launch a range of high quality eco school bags made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

We recognise our humanitarian responsibilities too, not only in the way our goods are produced but also to the working conditions for the people who work hard to make them for us. We always practise what we preach and believe it is our responsibility to teach our kids just what the environment means to us and how we can look after our planet and our people for future generations.

I certainly feel very fortunate and particularly proud to head a company that has such an inspiring and dedicated team of people who share in our common purpose.

Our ‘Harley's Angels’ are the innovative individuals who help inspire, design, produce, print, pack and distribute the quality Harlequin products to your schools, homes and charities, wherever they may be in the world.

By becoming a Harlequin customer, you are joining our Harlequin family and sharing our dream of saving our planet one bag at a time.

Please feel free to contact me personally if you have an inspiring idea that you would like Harlequin to be a part of or partner with to

Enjoy shopping with us and spread the Harley love!

Penny Montague-Curry, Founder & CEO

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